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About Me

I'm a philosopher and genocide scholar currently working as a visiting assistant professor in the Human Rights Center at the University of Dayton. In the summer of 2024 I will move to Ireland, to serve initially as a research fellow in the School of Philosophy at University College Dublin. I have previously held postdoctoral positions at Utrecht University and the University of Virginia. 

My research focuses on philosophical questions arising rom genocide and other forms of mass atrocities. My first book,  

Unconscionable Crimes: How Norms Explain and Constrain Mass Atrocities, was published by MIT Press in 2020. My second book, Seeing Atrocities: Ethics for Visual Encounters with Intolerable Harms, is currently under contract with Oxford University Press.


My articles on legal and moral issues have appeared in both scholarly journals and in public venues. In addition to my philosophical writing, I have also authored and edited a number of publications on museums and their efforts to engage with mass violence. In 2023 I guest curated two special exhibitions at Dayton's International Peace Museum.

When not doing philosophy, I enjoy hiking, biking, and organizing public dialogues on issues of critical concern. Some of these are part of the federally-funded grant PREVENTS-OH, which I co-lead.



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