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Museum and Exhibition Work

Since graduate school, I have been interested in the various ways that museums contribute to  knowledge about war and mass atrocity. I have published articles on Holocaust museums and participated in workshops on norms for museum professionals. More recently I joined the board of Dayton's International Peace Museum, where I serve as secretary.

In 2022, I organized a symposium on "Museums and Mass Violence"

in partnership with the Genocide Studies Program at Yale University.

This symposium will bring together museum scholars, designers,

and curators to discuss the peril and potential of exhibiting difficult

histories in museum settings. My work on this theme previously 

featured at Dayton's Social Practice of Human Rights Conference.

                                                           Through my work with Dayton's

                                                           Peace Museum, I became interested in the historical role                                                                     of such museums in international peace movements.

                                                           My public lecture on the world's first Peace Museum,                                                                           founded in 1902 in Lucerne, Switzerland, is available to                                                                       watch on YouTube.

                                                           I regularly work with students on museum-related projects,                                                               and am happy to be contacted with ideas for exhibitions.


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